Mains 2019 Comprehensive Course

30 words in one minute.

Can you write at this speed while maintaining quality of handwriting and content?

The most comprehensive course for Mains Exam is here!

With Focus on concept learning through Answer Writing

Regular Classes for 7 Months

To ensure the coverage of syllabus gradually and comprehensively!

6 Days a Week

To give adequate time to optional preparation and personal life.

3 Hours Daily

Mains Exam is comprehensive and hence the classes need to be exhaustive and comprehensive too.

Weekly Current Affairs Classes

To Cover all important events and current affairs spread over 2 years.

Stage Wise Test Series

Stagewise test series to help you analyze yourself better on where you stand and where do you need to put more efforts.

Unlimited Doubt Support

Have a doubt? Visit us/Call us. We are always happy to help you.

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